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Choan Hoki Tim Cook

Choan Hoki Tim Cook took Jukai with the Hollow Bones Order in 2010 and was ordained a priest in January 2013.

Choan was raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and wound up in Northern California in 1985 after completing an undergraduate degree in geology from the University of Montana and a graduate degree in geological engineering at Washington State University.  After years of floundering through the 80s and 90s, he found himself “seeking.”  After getting acquainted with his emotional self through the Mankind Project in 2004, he completed countless self-improvement workshops and finally giving up seeking self, he found out that Self was there the whole time while at his first Hollow Bones sesshin in 2006.  Since that time he has endeavored to continue turning up the dimmer switch of awakening.

His five training elements include his career as an environmental engineer and contractor cleaning up contaminated commercial and industrial sites, his career as a qigong teacher, his role as a the alpha male for his three loving and devoted dogs, his dedication to his sangha and his devotion to living and teaching the dharma by facilitating Mondo Zen with any willing sentient being.  Choan is a frustrated stand-up comedian, a lover of human nature and is fed by being in service to the greater good.

Ekai Yakuso Joel Kreisberg

After discovering Zazen in college, Joel explored the teachings of Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, Vedanta, and the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo. Having completed his undergraduate in jazz composition at Wesleyan University, Joel committed to the path of a healer in graduate school. He has trained as a chiropractor, homeopath, craniosacral therapist and health coach. Stumbling into the work of Ken Wilber in during his medical school years, he went on to complete the a Master’s Degree in Integral Ecology from Prescott College, followed by training as an Integral Master Coach from Integral Coaching Canada. He’s published on varied topics including Integrative Medicine, Homeopathy, Integral Education, and Integral Ecology.  His is the lead author of Coaching and Healing, Transforming the Healing Narrative.

After hearing Ken Wilber’s interview with Jun Po Roshi, Joel began study of Mondo Zen in 2011. He took Jukai in 2014 being given the name Ekai (Ocean of Generosity). He was ordained as a Hollow Bones priest in 2018. Ekai Yakuso, (Healing Presence) continues to teach and heal through his private practice in Berkeley, California, offering the five element training of Mondo Zen as tools for healing chronic illness. 

“My commitment is to bring the revolutionary teachings articulated by Jun Po Roshi to a broader community through teaching, practicing and serving the Dharma.”:

Yoshin Eka Dave Klaus

My name is Yoshin Eka Dave Klaus, (Willow-Heart Favorable-Wisdom), but most folks call me Dave.

I have taken vows as a Hollow Bones priest in order to take my practice deeper and to publicly commit myself to a life of service and integrity and mindfulness and meditation.

I sit because it helps me to see the world as it really is and to understand that nothing needs fixing: not me, not the climate, and certainly not the heart of humankind.

When I allow myself to settle down and listen without judgment and without categories, I am reassured that all is unfolding perfectly within the endless cycle of change, amongst the glorious abundance and the profound suffering of this world.

And, at the same time, I am committed to supporting and cultivating positive social change through mindful compassionate stewardship, by serving as a connector and cultivator of healthy community, and by speaking my truth honestly and vulnerably in the public forum.

My career as a Public Defender attorney in Oakland, California, thus offers me many opportunities to practice this dharma. As a courtroom litigator and as a martial artist black belt in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, I have learned that in each moment’s arising flash of even the most contentious and charged conflicts lies the opportunity for alchemical transformation and profound healing.

Not surprisingly, this practice comes in handy in my family life as well, with my beloved wife and two teenage kids as my most honored teachers!

As a leader in my Burning Man community and as an active brother with the ManKind Project, I am learning constantly from my emotional koan and meditative practice and doing my best to share what I find. To this end, I publish prose and poetry and photography, and you can find my blog Breathe.Burn.Bee at www.daveklaus.net.  (You can also find the blog page on Facebook at Breathe.Burn.Bee and find me there as well as Dave Klaus.)

I am committed to a life of compassion, wisdom, mindfulness, nonviolence, and skillful means, and I will endeavor to always do my very best to relieve the suffering in this world, of others and of myself. 

How beautiful is this precious life!  How brilliant and glorious!  How miraculous!  How grateful I am for this dharma and this beautiful awakening community!

Bodhi Dharma William Prince

Bodhi Dharma William Prince attended his first Mondo Zen/Hollow Bones retreat in 2008. He had an awakening during the Mondo Zen process led by DoShin Michael Nelson, and Bodhi never looked back. He took Jukai in 2011 and was ordained a priest in January 2013.

As a child, and again during his teens and twenties, Bodhi had spontaneous experiences of one mind, of infinite vastness, of all knowing selfless awareness. These experiences were life changing and prompted a curiosity to follow a spiritual path. He explored many personal growth trainings and workshops, including massage, est, Actualizations, Primal Therapy, studying with Swami Satchidananda, living in an intentional Gestalt Therapy community and attending the Berkeley Psychic Institute for a number of years. All of this led Bodhi to work within the Mankind Project beginning in 2000, where he became emotionally literate and did healing work with other men, which he continues to do today. It was here that he heard about Hollow Bones.

After years of searching, Bodhi found self, and no-self, right here, in the eternal present. Bodhi’s daily practice includes meditation, gigong and environmental stewardship. He teaches qigong to seniors with his beloved partner Theresa. He has made and uses biodiesel in his car and work truck. Bodhi continues to be committed to doing his part to care for the environment. Bodhi teaches the dharma in his time with his granddaughters and step children, through facilitation of Mondo Zen one-on-one and with groups, and in working within the Mankind Project with Doshin Nelson Roshi and other men to further his own and others’ awakening. Bodhi’s life purpose is to embody the dharma in each moment as much as possible, with himself and others, for the good of all life.

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