Integral Zen

What is Integral Zen?

Integral Zen uses the zazen, kinhin, and koans from traditional Rinzai Zen. Integral Zen uses the Five Training Elements and the transformative practice of Mondo Zen™ to re-orient, mature and enlighten our ego and our emotional bodies.  Integral Zen also adds the conceptual framework of Integral Theory and more rigorous forms of individual and collective psychological shadow work.

With Integral language and a deep meditative practice, we are able to discuss complex topics with greater understanding, clarity, and compassion.  By using Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, including his All Quadrants All Levels (AQAL) map – all levels, lines, types, states, and quadrants – the territory of our lives comes alive.  

This map allows greater compassion for ourselves and others, since it empowers us to stop imposing our unconscious assumptions about the world onto nearly every place we touch it. And yet, the map is not the territory, and Integral Zen is ruthless in its distinction between intellectual understanding, experiential understanding, and spiritual insight. The complexity of an evolutionary, 21st Century spirituality cannot be understood without a common language.  An Integral View, combined with a stable spiritual insight, greatly enhances the level of clarity, predictability, and understanding within our community.  We are able to more profoundly connect with ourselves and each other.

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